Gas Equipment's


Chinese Gas Range


Suitably designed for Chinese dishes.Top made out of SS with heavy cast iron gratings fitted with good quality burners and individual pilot burners, sides covered with SS with 12" back splash & drain, mounted on SS legs with nylon adjustable bullet legs.

  • Models: 2 burners
  • 3 burners
  • 6 burners
  • Size: 6' x 30" x 30"h

Code No :1954

Gas Cooking Range

gas2Suitable for bulk cooking frying etc. Quality burner & heavy cast iron grating.

  • Single burner: 24”x24”x24”/32”.
  • Two burner: 48"x24"x24"/32''ht.
  • Three burner: 72"x24"x24"/32"ht.
  • Four burner: 96”x24”x24”/32”.

Code No :1955

Gas Cooking Range With Oven

gas3Top made out of stainless steel with griddle plate made out of MS and sides covered with SS with oven. Interiors made out of MS double walled, glass wool insulated, fitted with good quality burners, mounted on SS legs.
Size: 36"x36"x32" ht.

Code No: 1956

Tilting Frying Pan

gas4Gas or electric model for efficient bulk frying. Pan made out of SS.Custom built. Capacity:100,150,200 Ltrs.

  • Capacity: 100 Ltrs.
  • Capacity: 150 Ltrs.
  • Capacity: 200 Ltrs.

Code No: 1964

Gas/Electric Model Dosa/Chapathi Plate With Puffer

gas5Suitable design for making dosa with thick MS plate, sides covered with SS, mounted on SS legs with nylon adjustable bullet legs. Gas, electric & custom built. Also available with puffer of size 2'x 2'.

  • Sizes: 6'x2'
  • Sizes: 5'x2'
  • Sizes: 4'x2'
  • Sizes: 3'x2'
  • Sizes: 2'x2'
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